MISCELLANY 20.09.2012

Batik is a cultural work, which represents the identity of Indonesia in the international level. Identity of culture and history of a city can be seen in a piece of batik cloth. Thousands of batik motifs were born and have developed in many areas in Indonesia. One of them is the interesting and unique motif of batik Kudus.

Among cloth lovers, batik Kudus is famous for soft batik with isen-isen or the main pattern like batik from Central Java in general. Popular isen-isen in batik Kudus are isen gabah sinawur, moto iwak, mrutu sewu and many others. Batik Kudus is also popular with brown colors with the motifs of spears, broken blade, bouquet, butterfly and birds with bright colors.

Djarum Foundation through Djarum Appreciates Culture held "Charm of Batik Kudus", a program to raise appreciation of Indonesian handicrafts threatened to extinct. It is aimed at preserving batik Kudus and helping increase batik industry in the city of Kudus.

According to Renitasari, Program Director of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, the foundation invited older women from Indonesia Batik Foundation to join batik development and batik making training at Kudus Batik Gallery in Kudus city. Besides, batik making training is also provided freely for local people.

It aims to increase the number of hand-drawn batik makers.

Renita added each training participant will get tools and equipment to make batik. If they are skilled and able to design by themselves, their works can be sold to the gallery for wider distribution.

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