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World Animal Day

October 4 is celebrated as World Animal Day. This began in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists. On this date, the lives of all animals were valued. Various special events have also been planned at various locations around the world to appreciate animals. October 4th was chosen as World Animal Day because to coincide with  the feast of St  Francis of Assisi, a nature lover and patron of animals and the environment. Then the day of celebration associated with the beast was a special celebration of the Christian religion.

Currently, the celebration of World Animal Day is celebrated by all animal lovers of all religions and beliefs, nationalities, and backgrounds. Animals Rescuers and wildlife organizations conduct fundraising activities, bazaar, and so on in schools and workplaces. On that day, they also provide an appreciation of the individual, group, or institution that is considered to have the best contribution to the world of animals.

President Joko Widodo recently asked the zoo to have  the function of education and wildlife conservation, not only as a recreational place . Speaking in a joint meeting of the board of the Association of Zoos throughout Indonesia (PKBSI) at the State Palace, Jakarta, recently the President expressed the  wish for the  expansion of the zoo area, so it can serve as a green open space (RTH) of the city and  contribute to the improvement of air quality as well as a water catchment area.

Chairman of the Association Rahmat Syah said the head of state also asked the board to  propose what   zoo not viable as a place of research, education, rescue extinction of endangered species, as well as places of entertainment that educates at affordable prices to be repaired or built new. Rahmat Syah gave  special attention to the development and progress of the management of the zoo. According to him, the number of visitors which reached 10 million per year shows that the zoo is still a favorite tourist spot.

Previously PKBSI board reported to the president on the issue, especially the zoo for the Conservation of flora and fauna. According to the association, some zoos that exist today still need to be improved, both physically and maintenance. He hoped the zoo follow ethics or rules determined nationally and internationally. PKBSI notes out of  the  52 zoos under the  association , 10-15 are in  poor conditions, 10 zoos that are less good, the rest are still viable.

On that occasion the Indonesian endangered species were  also reported.  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) called attention to Indonesian endangered  animals such as rhinoceros, dwarf buffalo, anoa, and bchirping birds. PKBSI General Secretary Tony Sumampow said President Jokowi also asked PKBSI to convey which species should take precedence and what priority activities to do. Henceforth it would carried out in accordance with the recommendations and  the species rescuing steps.

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