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National Spatial Planning Day

MISCELLANY, 07.10.2015

Although spatial planning efforts have been done for a quiet long time in Indonesia, the awareness of the importance of spatial planning to guarantee sustainable development hasn’t fully realized. Many space irregularities cause environmental and construction issues. Planning and using space are related to social dynamic and culture of people who live in it.

Spatial planning without paying attention to land and culture will cause at least four problems. First, ineffective spatial implementation and control. Secondly, various possible spatial conflicts. Thirdly, space that doesn’t guarantee dynamic, welfare and happiness of people who live in it. Fourthly, space that doesn’t present the identity and character of culture of people who live in it. As a big country with extraordinary biodiversity, history and culture, Indonesia certainly has various local richness including in the fields of spatial planning. At the same time, globalization and capitalization pressure keeps going and removing local culture and local wisdom. The planning and using of land and space will become essential media in a positive constellation with synergy between local culture and the world culture.

To commemorate the National Spatial Planning Day, the Indonesian Planning School Association held the national seminar on inclusive spatial planning. This seminar involved various experts to explore and formulate effective strategy to assure spatial planning that guarantees sustainable construction. The seminar, which is also supported by the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, formulates effective strategies to assure sustainable spatial planning and rebuild holistic understanding of land, space and culture as well as transform it in the regional planning practice that guarantees the welfare and sustainability of earth and human being.

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