MISCELLANY, 10-10-2015

Mental health is part  of the human life  that must be maintained in order stay healthy. Mental health problems is indeed  a serious problem. World Health Organization or WHO in 1990 reported from 10 major health problem that causes a person's inability to interact with other i5  are  mental health problems namely, : depression, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsive. WHO also predicted that by 2020 depression will be the second in the disease posing  a health burden.

According to Prof. Askobat Gani (2005), mental disorders reached 13.8% of the total disease burden in Indonesia. Therefore, people in big cities should have a strong mental health. If not, then they could be mentally ill. Data from Director of Mental Health Ministry of Health stated that Jakarta people ae vulnerable to mental illness. This was due to mental, psychological and emotional stress in big cities such as Jakarta is big enough. Start of economic pressures, competitiveness, and so. Unfortunately, the government’s  attention on  mental illness is not significant.

The ratio between the number of people or patients with mental health problem and the infrastructure and facilities can still be said to be far from expectations. In Jakarta there are only  2 Psychiatric Hospitals   belonging  to the Regional Government of DKI. Others are private clinics and asylums. Not surprisingly, many individuals who are mentally ill can be found wandering in  the streets and kept  in restriction   by their family.

 Today, mental health condition of all people in the whole world is a major concern of  WHO  as has been proved by  the decision to set October 10 as "World Mental Health Day". Unfortunately, not many healthy people who care about people who care about mentally ill people.

In Indonesia there are only a few who care about this problem. With the commemoration of World Mental Health Day it is expected that  people around the world will show more care  about the existence of people who are mentally ill.

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