The charm of Indonesia above the clouds on Sulawesi island can be found at Lolai village, Kapalapitu sub-district, North Toraja regency, South Sulawesi. From a yard where Tongkonan Lempe, Toraja traditional houses were built, visitors can witness settlements and Tongkonan traditional houses which are covered clouds as well as the peak of mountain which appears among the clouds. Business center of Rantepao, the capital city of North Toraja is seen from north, the distance under a cloud, from the area at an altitude of about 1,400 meters above sea level.

The best time to visit Lolai village is in the morning until you can enjoy beautiful sunrise while drinking Toraja coffee which is served by the owner of the Tongkonan house. You can also come at night and stay overnight. If you want to stay at night, the owner of Tongkonan house can rent the house as home stay or you can rent a tent with cheap price. Waiting for sunrise is an amazing sensation when witnessing expanse of clouds slowly rising from the low land up to Lolai. In certain times, visitors pretend to step on a cloud because the cloud overlays to be aligned with a stand in Tongkonan Lempe.

From Rantepao, the capital city of North Toraja, Lolai village is located around 20 kilometers and takes around 30 minutes by car. The manager, who is the owner of Tongkonan Lempe, does not take parking fee. Visitors only pay parking fee voluntarily. Besides enjoying sunrise and sunset, you can also enjoy skydiving. Toraja is worth being visited because charming natural panorama is combined with culture and tradition which is still preserved.


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