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Taman Ayodya or Ayodya Park


As the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is fulfilled by skyscrapers building and thousands of vehicles back and forth . Surely the condition makes the atmosphere of Jakarta is quite congested and highly air pollution . But amid these conditions, there are refreshing oasis in Jakarta, as it has some cool city parks . One of them is Ayodya Park . The park is located at Jalan Barito, Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta . To reach the place you can use a metro mini bus from Blok M terminal .

Because the park is located on Jl Barito, so Ayodya Park is also called Barito Park . The name Ayodya, is based on a future paradise garden of Alengka kingdom because the park is very famous for its beauty . Once the area of Ayodya Park  was used as a place for ornamental fish traders . This location was also used as the ornamental fish central area in Jakarta . But after the fish market moved, the location is then built the city park area . On March 15th 2009, Taman Ayodya or Ayodya Park then inaugurated by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Wibowo .

The Ayodya Park standing on an area of 7,500 square meters . The park is formed as a circle, therefore the park looks like an island . The park’s outer surroundings  are  decorated by tropical tall trees . Then on the inside there are overgrown smaller trees, green grass, various kinds of beautiful flowers, Jogging track covering an area of 1,700 square meters, gazebo, pavilion and lawn chairs . Furthermore, in the center of the park there is an artificial lake covering 1,500 square meters which is also overgrown the lotus plant as well as a variety of decoration in the form of an octopus-shaped of lights and fountains .

Visiting the Ayodya Park, you can enjoy the cool views and beautiful park . You can relaxed to sit in gazebo or loan chair there, while enjoying the scenery . You can visit the park in the morning to do sports, where the running tracks is available for free . During the day you can take pictures amidst the trees . In the park, there is a roving photographers . They offer instant photo services to visitors . At night, you can enjoy the beauty of the park through the lights that will illuminate the park . Do not worry to eat and drink, because sellers of food and beverages are also available in and around the park .



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