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The Mosque of Al-Ikhlas Bengkulu

IIndonesian Wonder 23.07.2016

For those of you who traveled religious to Bengkulu province, visit the Al-Ikhlas Mosque, the oldest mosque in the province of Bengkulu. The mosque was built in 1800 by H Mansur, from West Sumatra. Because it is the oldest mosque, the mosque of Al-Iklhas was used as a cultural heritage by the government of Bengkulu. The mosque is located in the Padang Betuah village, Central Bengkulu Regency.
Masjid Al-Ikhlas since its establishment in 1800, several times Bengkulu was hit by an earthquake, but surprisingly the mosque was not damaged in the slightest. This is because the mosque building is quite unique. The pillars of the mosque were made of wood arranged not interrupted but interlocking. The use of nails is not dominant, but rather using wooden pegs. Furthermore, the mosque's walls are made of cement, but the inside of the wall was not filled with bricks, but bamboo (splint). The bamboo is first split and fragmented. Which was used as a substitute for bricks. Then the bamboo rod after the new structured covered with cement. This is the secret of why the always sturdy mosque was damaged by the earthquake

First the mosque named Masjid Al Ikhlas Muhammadiyah, because the teachings of Kyai Ahmad Dahlan was so strong influence in this village. According to the Imam (teacher) local village, the mosque is also relics of the Kingdom of Sungai Limau. Early made, the mosque's walls are made of wood while the roof is made of dried reeds. Over the  time, the villagers began to add a number of pillars and gives the floor, while the roof is replaced with a palm leaf. Around 1985, local villagers agreed to create a new mosque, because the old mosque is not able to accommodate the entire Padang Betuah village, especially for the prayer or the feast.

Masjid al-Ikhlas was originally used as the center of Islamic religion and community gathering place in repel the invaders. Then gradually used as a place of worship. Currently the oldest mosque in Bengkulu is no longer used for prayers villagers because of their small size approximately 6 x 6 meters. People’s makes a larger mosque. But the old mosque is only used by children to learn the Koran.

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