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Rombo Dait Waterfall

Indonesian Wonder 08.06.2016

West Kalimantan province has forest which is quite wide. So, West Kalimantan has a lot of exotic nature. One of them is Rombo Dait waterfall. This tourism object is well-known as seven-level waterfall. The waterfall is located at Air Besar sub-district, Landak regency, or around 300 kilometers from Pontianak city.

The road to Rombo Dait waterfall is very challenging. Tourists must climb the line of the hill. Along the line of the hill, there are towering trees which have been tens even hundreds years old. Those trees line up tightly and form tropical rain forest. If you like adventure, the road to Rombo Dait waterfall is very nice. Because the road can be for hiking, trekking, or off road.

To go to the waterfall from Pontianak, we can use public transportation to Ngabang, the capital city of Landak. After that, to Air Besarsub-district, we can use car or motorcycle and the distance is around 30 kilometers. It takes around 30 minutes on foot.

Around Rombo Dait waterfall is outspread wide white sand. From the bottom side, this tourism object is like at the beach. Usually, there are many tourists who enjoy the scenery while taking a picture.  Rombo Daitwaterfall consists of 7 levels. On the first level, the waterfall has high around 60 meters. While for the second until 7th level, it has high around20-30 meters. The type and form of the waterfall in every level are different. There arewide form and small terraces. And it is free of charge to enter the waterfall’s complex.

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