Sipinga stones


When you are in Indonesia and love to enjoy miracle of nature, you can come to Jeneponto regency, South Sulawesi. In this regency, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of cluster of stones which are sculpted naturally. Those amazing stones have formed since thousands years ago due to wind, erosion, water and other natural processes. This area has curve form adding its exotic panorama, especially toward sunset. Both of the tips have their own uniqueness. In the right curve, for example, there is coral reef which stands erect and has hollow due to natural process. It is very beautiful scenery which can be shared in social media. This tourism object has been well-known since it appears in social media. Those stones have various forms. There is form similar with animal or mushroom. At the middle of those stones, there are small caves. People say, those caves were the hiding place of the fighters against invaders attacking the place in the past. The beauty of the typical and exotic tourism object can be found precisely at Karampuang hamlet, Garassikang village, West Bangkala sub-district, Jeneponto regency. In Makassar language, Sipinga stone means narrow road. It is named like that because the road at the toruism object is narrow. It has distance around 20 kilometers from the center of Jeneponto regency. There is no charge. So, you only pay fee of parking space for car or motorcycle.


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