Nasu Palekko


If you visit a region, certainly you feel less if you do not taste typical food of the region. Every region in Indonesia has its own different taste of typical food which is suitable with appetite and character of local people. For example in South Sulawesi, this region has typical food with hot taste. This food is called Nasu Palekko.The name of Nasu Palekko comes from Bugis language. Nasu Palekko consists of two words, namely Nasu and Palekko. Nasu means ‘cooked’ and Palekko means ‘pan’. Nasu Palekko can be found not only at restaurants but also at residents’ houses. This food becomes required menu when local people are holding celebration such as wedding party. This food has become required food from generation to generation since hundreds of years ago.Nasu Palekko is certainly not as famous as Coto Makassar or Konro soup. But, you do not have to worry. Moreover, if you are in South Sulawesi, this food can be found easily. Many restaurants sell this food. To know whether the restaurant sells this food, you can see at the front of the restaurant. If at front of the restaurant, there is duck cage, certainly this restaurant provides Nasu Palekko. At this restaurant, you can see the cooking process directly, beginning from slaughtering until to be ready to serve as delicious food.

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