In Bandung, West Jave, there is a wonderful hidden lake, Sanghyang Heuleut. The location of Sanghyang Heuleut is around 5 kilometers from the first gate of Saguling Hydroelectric Power Plant. If it is viewed from the geographical terms and its history, Sanghyang Heuleut Lake is the one in the stream of Citarum Purba River. It can be said that the tourist attractions in Bandung are an ancient lake which can still be seen and visited. It is proved by many big rocks formed from the eruption of an ancient volcano, Sunda Mountain. This lake is saved with the presence of Saguling dam which still has some water for Sanghyang Heuleut Lake. The reason why this lake is named Sanghyang Heuleut is that no one knows until now. If it is translated into a word by word, the meaning of Sanghyang is a holy place, while Heuleut means an interval between two times. According to the local society, this tourism object is named as Sanghyang Heuleut because this lake before was often visited by the Angel of heaven which had a different time from human-beings on earth. The community surrounding the Saguling area who live near Sanghyang Heuleut believed that this place is often visited by the angel who wants to take a bath in this beautiful lake which is highlighted with a wonderful rainbow. The exoticism of the rock cliffs which stand high around the lake surface makes the visitors amazed with this beauty because it looks like a bowl of milk. Besides, this lake has clear water and there is also a small waterfall that fills this lake. Sanghyang Heuleut offers a beauty of the green lush trees surrounding the lake which shows shady and fresh impression. Because of it, this place also is dubbed as a hidden heaven in West Bandung. Along the way to Sanghyang Heuluet, you will find a small mountain where you can see a cave in it -Sanghyang Poek Cave. In Sanghyang Heuleut, you can do a lot of activities such as camping, relaxing on large rock cliffs, swimming, playing water in the river, fishing, taking pictures and doing many other activities. It has to be remembered before you go to Sanghyang Heuleut. We suggest you to bring your own food and drink. Because along your trip to Sanghyang Heuleut, you will rarely find a food and beverage seller. You should not visit this place on a rainy day. Because to a reach this tourism spot, you have to pass a considerably long distance, not smooth enough and slippery. Because of it, you are also suggested to wear anti-slippery shoes and loose clothes. To get into the location of Sanghyang Heuleut, it is free of charge up to date. Because there is no one who manages this place yet. If you are a nature lover who is in Bandung now, find the right time to visit this tourism object.


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