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Parende Fish”, Culinary from Buton Southeast Sulawesi


Buton is an island in Southeast Sulawesi that is known with the natural asphalt product . This island is inhabited by Buton tribe, one of the sailor tribes in Indonesia . Since long time ago, Buton people moved to other regions throughout the archipelago by using a small boat that just could load 5 people and big boats that loaded 150 tons of stuffs . As a sailor tribe, fish certainly becomes the main commodity of the people . Moreover, the water of Buton is also quite wide and rich with variety of fish .  No wonder, if fish also become the main protein sources of Buton people . They process the fish into different types of delicious culinaries, such as Parende fish .Parende fish is a fresh fish soup with yellow sauce derived from turmeric . The main ingredient is sea fish . Usually people used  kakap merah or red snappers and kerapu or groupers . It is because those fish are believed by the people that have specific taste . Besides soft texture, the meat of the fish is very tasty . In addition to fish, other ingredients that are usually used to make Parende Fish Soup are  tomato, starfruit, basil, tamarind or lime, onion, garlic, turmeric and lemongrass leaves . To  make the typical culinary Parende fish is quite easy . The fish should be boiled first . When the fish are half cooked, add other ingredients, such as tomatoes, starfruit, basil, tamarind or lime, onion, garlic, turmeric, lemon and grass leaves . After it is cooked, the Parende fish is usually served with a sprinkling of fried onions . Parende fish can be enjoyed with hot rice . The taste is very delicious . Sour and fresh taste combined in . If you like spicy, you can add the chilli slices into the fish soup . The primary key of the Parende taste precisely on the freshness of fish . If the fish is not fresh, the taste becomes less enjoyable . As the specific culinary of Buton people, it is not difficult to meet this culinary in the origin region . In Buton, you can see a lot of restaurants that have Parende fish . But, if you want to enjoy the delicious Parende fish, you can come to one of small restaurants at Wameo market . There, Parende fish are sold in Rp 15,000 per portion with rice and mineral water . In addition to enjoy local culinary, many visitors also enjoy the Parende fish to do perform diet program . The Food ingredients and the making process by boiling make this typical culinary becomes one healthy foods  that is suitable for diet program .


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