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Watu Mujur River in Purbalingga


Panusupan village is one of many villages in Purbalingga, a province in Central Java . The village has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Purbalingga. Panusupan has a natural village atmosphere and  is rich with art and culture. Entering the village, you will be greeted with a breath of cool air and beautiful green trees. In Purbalingga, tourists can enjoy a wide range of attractions, including Rumah Pohon Kenangan or Memorable Tree House, Watu Mujur River”, Jembatan (bridge) Selfie and Jembatan (bridge) Cinta . In today’s edition of Indonesian Wonder, we recommend you one attraction in particular during your  visit to Purbalingga, the  Watu Mujur river . The Watu Mujur river is incredibly unique, and has an unrivaled beauty and exoticism that excite and inspire tourists to visit the region . The river is located in a hidden place, with rocks and towering on each bank . There are many trees near the river, and the water in Watu Mujur river refreshes those who visit it . In addition to refreshing visitors, the water is swift and clear . Shiny black cliffs also choke the river, so many tourists say the river is the  Black Canyon of Purbalingga .One of Interesting activitie for tourists on the Watu Mujur river is down river from the village . Before tourists can partake in a rafting adventure, they have to pay an entrance fee of 7.000Rupiah which includes admission and parking fees . Before walking along the river’s edge, tourists are required to wear a life jacket and helmet .  As a tourist you are also required to warm up, stretching the muscles out, in order to avoid a fatal injury during rafting . The river trip takes nearly three hours, and of course is accompanied by tour guides . say the river is the  Black Canyon of Purbalingga .During the rafting you can enjoy views of the rock wall textures and clear spring water which can drink  . Additionally, you will encounter many small waterfalls,another attraction tourists enjoy courtesy of the river . Feel free to stop and enjoy each and every waterfall . Traveling down the Watu Mujur is something that should never be missed by tourists traveling to the area . Finally, in order to gather  memorable moments properly, bring a waterproof camera .


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