Malang city is located in East Java, and sees more domestic visitors crowding its streets than visitors from abroad. Malang is a favorite destination of tourists and it should be! The city has fresh air, many culinary delicacies and beautiful scenery. One place that is exceptionally beautiful is Lenggoksono beach.

Lenggoksono beach is located on the Lenggoksono hamlet, in Purwodadi village, Tirtoyudo, in the Malang regency, East Java. To get to the beach from Malang, begin by traveling from the Dampit sub-district to the Tirtoyudo sub-district.

At the Tangsi intersection turn right, and enter into Tirtoyudo village. From here, the beach is around 30 kilometers away. While the road from Tangsi Tirtoyudo to Lenggoksono beach has smooth asphalt, it is narrow and zigzags quite a bit. As you drive, you will find sharp uphill and downhill curves. But, we guarantee you will not get bored because you will witness some amazing green clove plantations on either side of the road as you travel.

Listener, Lenggoksono beach offers up many water activities, including snorkeling, diving, and surfing. If you are new to surfing, Lenggoksono beach is a great spot to start learning. The waves are only about 3 meters high, so it’s not too dangerous for a beginner. Besides surfing, you can also swim and see coral reefs and plenty of fish. If you want an adventure, you can sail using jukung. Jukung is a small fishing boat made from wood. With jukung, you can sail to the bay to see the cliffs or even enter into the cave where there are many bats.

if you enjoy fishing, Lenggoksono beach will be a pleasant place for you to visit. Lenggoksono beach has become a conservation area for pearl lobster, sand lobster and stone lobster. The beach has been deemed an ecotourism site by the ministry of fish & maritime.  


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