Malang is one of cities in East Java province. It is called a city of one-thousand beaches.  Besides the beach, Malang also has many beautiful tourism objects such as cave, waterfalls and even the beach which is interesting and worth visiting. One of them is Batu Bengkung beach.

Batu Bengkung beach is located at Gajahrejo village, Gedangan sub-district in Malang regency, East Java Province. Why is this beach called Batu Bengkung beach? Because at the beach, there is coral reef which stretches very long between two hills and can withstand waves. The location of the beach is not far from Malang and only takes around 2 hours by car.

Directly facing the Indian Ocean makes Batung Bengkung beach has ferocious waves. Because of that, visitors are prohibited to swim. In certain time, the waves can be broken by rows of coral reefs which stretch along the beach. The sea water which passes the coral reefs will be trapped at coral reefs’ cavity. It makes the cavity like a basin. The uniqueness of the beach is the curve stone at the beach. This stone becomes the icon of Batu Bengkung beach. You can also find a hill where you can more clearly enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding the beach. You can climb and walk around 15 minutes at the narrow road in the West of the hill at the cliff. Here, you must walk carefully, because there is no secure facility at the edge of the hill. When you reach the cliff, you will see exotic scenery, namely expanse of long and flat stones which rise to the blue sea.

At Batu Bengkung beach, you can also see beautiful sunset. As the beach directly faces to the West, before the sun sets, the beach is visited by many tourists. Most tourists set tents surrounding the beach. The beach also provides some facilities which are needed such as rest rooms, parking lots and stalls.

To enter Batu Bengkung beach area, you do not have to worry because the ticket price includes parking fee. While, if you want to set a tent at the beach, there is an extra charge. If you have not decided your destination for your next holiday yet, Batu Bengkung beach can be your choice.




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