Tangkahan is an area at National Park of Mt. Leuser, Langkat regency, North Sumatera. This area is flanked by Namo Sialang and Desa Sei Serdang village. Tangkahan tourism object offers spectacular scenery and also fresh air. Rivers at Tangkahan are very clear and clean. Tangkahan is also known as a place of wild elephants. 

various kinds of trees which grow as well as vegetation of tropical forest, combining hills, make Tangkahan become not only as tourism object but also a place to learn about nature, life creatures, fauna and flora.

If you want to go to this tourism object, you should pass Batang Serangan river which has heavy stream. At the river, there is raft as transportation. You do not have to worry when crossing the river by using raft, because there is a guide who will accompany you.

Tangkahan forest is a dense one where there are river, waterfall, springs, valley and even rare plantation such as Raflessia. More recently, many foreign tourists have been interested in visiting Tangkahan. They consider Tangkahan as hidden paradise in North Sumatera Utara.

Tangkahan area, with the longest list of bird and also mammal species which reach around 380 species of birds and 129 species of mammals, gives opportunity to tourists to observe various kinds of biodiversity and  fauna.  The topography of hills with cliffs is suitable for someone whose hobbies are rock climbing, hiking and camping.

A unique activity which is rarely found at other tourism objects is an opportunity to bathe the elephants and ride while exploring the woods. When you are tired, you can try to refresh yourself by taking a bath under waterfall.to access Tangkahan tourism object is not difficult. Because there is transportation such as bus which is ready to take you until the destination.  The tourists from outside Sumatera island from Kualanamu airport can use Damri bus to Pinang Baris terminal and continue to Tangkahan. It takes around 4 until 5 hours. Arriving at Tangkahan, there is usually a guide who is ready to take you to various destinations. If you want to stay at night, you do not have to worry because there are many lodgings at Tangkahan.  


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