A heroic event occurred on November 10, 1945 in Surabaya, East Java. At that time, the Surabaya people fought against the allied forces and the Netherlands who wanted to re-occupy  Indonesia . The battle which was the first war of Indonesian troops with foreign forces after Indonesia's independence, took many lives, both the fighters and civilians . Therefore, to commemorate the patriotism of the fighters and the people of Surabaya, 10 November was designated as National Hero Day . To commemorate the heroic event, a monument was also built in Surabaya.

the monument is located in Surabaya city center, precisely on the Pahlawan street, Surabaya in an area of 1.3 hectarewide . The 41.15 meter high phallus-shaped statue's under monument diameter is larger than that of the top . It is Canalures shaped which is divided to 10 arches, and 11 segments . Its Height, segment, and canalure mean the November 10th1945, the day when Surabaya people fought against the Dutch . In addition to the heroes monument, you can see a statue of former President of the Republic of Indonesia Sukarno and his vice president  Mohammad Hatta .

The Statue describes the two state’s figure reading the proclamation of independence among the tall pillars that resemble the ruins of a building . On these pillars you can find writings that resemble independence spirit . In the 7 meter deep basement area of  Heroes Monument there is a museum . The museum is built to commemorate the services of the heroes who fought in Surabaya, while preserving historical objects related to the struggle of Surabaya people . The Museum which name is “10 November (Sepuluh November) Museum” has been built since November 10, 1991 and was inaugurated in 2000 by President Abdurrahman Wahid . The building consists of two floors . Its architecture is quite unique, because it resembles a pyramid . In the middle of the pyramid there is a statue of three young men carrying sharpened bamboo . To enter the museum, you are required to pay a ticket for 2000 Rupiah .Tugu Pahlawan was built in ten months and inaugurated by President Soekarno on November 10, 1952 . To enjoy the architecture of this monument is free of charge . After visiting Tugu Pahlawan, you can enjoy other tourism objects . The area surrounding the Monument is an area of the old city where you also can see many old buildings with "Urban heritage" architecture which is still used as an office or a shopping mall . The Urban Heritage achitectural buildings have formed a unique townscape that becomes a tourism attraction .


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