Lepet Jagung

To eat snack in between eating time is important to add energy and also nutrient. Snack can be like biscuit, fruit or cake. Indonesia has various traditional snacks. One of them is Lepet Jagung, typical food from Gresik, East Java. Its form is like lepet or timus, namely food which is made from grated cassava, mixed with grate coconut and palm sugar. Then, it’s wrapped with banana leaf and steamed in several minutes. If lepet jagung is made from grated coconut and corn and wrapped by young corn husk, sweet and savory taste mix becoming one. Lepet jagung is tastier if it is enjoyed with hot tea or coffee. Wrap from corn husk makes form of this snack unique.

Sweet snack is made from corn seed which has been pounded or shredded, then mixed with flour, sugar, vanilla and grated coconut. Afterwards, the dough is put one or two spoonfuls on a piece of young corn husk until the dough runs out, then steamed around 30 minutes.  After being cooked, corn husk will become yellow and wrinkle. In order the lepet jagung still looks beautiful, corn husk wrapper can be replaced with corn husk inside, which is dipped briefly into boiling water.

Behind its delicacy, lepet jagung contains alot of nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B1. Lepet jagung also contains fiber which is useful to help maintain healthy digestion, prevent constipation of the risk of colorectal cancer. While the content of B vitamins, especially thiamin and niacin in it, serves to maintain the health of the nervous system and prevent malnutrition. The caloriey content in it is quite a lot, so it can provide additional energy for activity. This means that to occasionally enjoy this traditional snack for breakfast does not bring about negative effect. Lepet jagung is ready to provide extra energy and nutrients.

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