Tobasa or Toba Samosir is a name of one regency in North Sumatera Province. The regency is one of other regencies surrounded by the Indonesia’s widest lake, Danau Toba or Toba Lake. Other than Toba Lake, the main tourism magnet of the Tobasa regency is the Asahan Valley. Sigura-gura Canyon, better known as the Asahan Valley, offers an amazing panorama with several natural beauties. As far as the eyes can see, you’ll see the greenery and tropical forest and paddy field areas fenced by high mountains and stone cliffs. On the rock cliffs, water flows and forms dozens of waterfalls. Some of them are already managed to be the Asahan valley tourism objects. One of them is the Aek Lumut Waterfall.

The Aek Lumut Waterfall is located in the Sigura-gura Canyon, exactly in Parhitean, North Meranti district, Tobasa regency. The waterfall is located right at the edge of the road that connects Porsea in Toba Samosir and the Asahan regency. Because of its location at the roadside, the access to visit this waterfall is quite easy. The visitors do not have to do the stamina-drained trekking, like in the usual waterfall to be visited. Waterfalls are usually located in the forest and visitors need to do trekking first to be able to reach the waterfalls.

Aek Lumut waterfall is a very beautiful one. The crystal clear water, cleanly and freshly flows between the rocky cliffs as high as 70 meters. Underneath, it forms a small natural pond. The pond is shallow, so it cannot be used for swimming. However, for those who want to get wet, they can feel the water falling of the waterfall, soft and feel just like the raindrops. Around the waterfall’s pond, there are many large rocks that add the beauty of this waterfall. The water from Aek Lumut waterfall directly flows to the Asahan River, which is located 15 meters away from the waterfall.

The Aek Lumut tourism site is facilitated with proper public facilities, such as parking lots, food stalls, and toilets. You need to pay 5,000 rupiahs for the entrance ticket. Aek Lumut Waterfall is only one among other waterfalls you can visit in the Asahan Valley. The Sampuran Harimau Waterfall and Ponot Waterfall are two unique waterfalls that you can also visit. The Sampuran Harimau Waterfall previously had a large water debit that the sound of the water falling resembles the roar of a tiger. Meanwhile, the Ponot waterfall offers a uniquely green scenic view coming from the wide paddy’s field in front of it.

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