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Curug Jenggala, Baturraden, Purwokerto

Central Java is one of provinces which has many tourism objects but it is rarely explored by tourists. Banyumas city, for example, has many hidden tourism objects. One of them is Baturaden which has appeared on social media more recently. One of favorite places in this region is Jenggala waterfall. Jenggala waterfall is named Tempuan waterfall because Jenggala waterfall is a connecting spot of some rivers which still has natural scenery. There are shady trees surrounding the waterfall which add romantic nuance.  Jenggala waterfall has 3 other waterfalls which are parallel and open out. Being aware of the potential of the waterfall tour, local communities and government have started fixing this place by improving access entrance to the waterfalls and by providing some public facilities for tourists.Jenggala waterfall is located at Ketenger village, Kalipagu hamlet, Baturaden sub-district, Central Java province. The location of Jenggala waterfall is still on Perhutani KPH land of East Banyumas. The route to Jenggala waterfall starts from Purwokerto city to  Baturaden natural tourism object or Small World in Baturaden. Then, the trip continues to Bayan waterfall and it straight to Kalipagu village. Beginning from here, there are many signboards to the location. Jenggala waterfall is a new place and still in development process. Because of that, some facilities are provided yet. But, you do not have to be worried about, because toilet and fitting room are available. The favorite location at Jenggala waterfall, which often appears in social media, is wooden deck forming heart at front of the waterfall. On this deck, you can take picture because this place has beautiful scenery. 

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