Bondowoso regency is located in between Situbondo regency at North beach area of East Java and Jember regency. Bondowoso regency has quite fresh temperature around 15-25°C. Since the Dutch era, Bondowoso has been known to have potential plantation. Until now, we can see the Dutch heritage which is in the form of building. Besides plantation, Bondowoso also has another tourism potential which is developing now. It is Bosamba rafting which was established in 2008. Bosamba is abbreviation of Bondowoso Sampean Baru. This name is suitable with the line which is passed by Sampean Baru river. Bosamba rafting is located at Krocok park, Wonosari sub-district, Bondowoso regency and has a distance 12 kilometers from Bondowoso city. Sampean Baru river which becomes rafting place, can be categorized calm on dry season, but quite heavy if rainy season and potential to be flood. Traveling time for rafting is around 2-3 hours through various types of river flow. Rafting at Sampean Baru river which is 14 kilometers long, is interesting enough compare with other regencies in East Java, because its streaming river is quite challenge. At the middle of the river, there is big stone which is called Titanic stone by local people. It is because its shape like stern of front Titanic ship. Besides, there are 23 raftings; there is also amazing scenery of cliff and also Kelelawar cave.   Bosamba Rafting activity ends at Gentong village. If you want to enjoy rafting at Bosamba, you do not have to worry because Bosamba rafting provides inflatable boat, paddles, life jacket, helmet, locker room and bath room. Every boat can accommodate 6 persons. There is also instructor who is ready to accompany the participants. Departure time of the adventure starts from 08.00, 12.00 and 2 pm local time. If there is tardiness of the trip, the last departure is at 3 pm local time. Usually group of the participant of rafting at Bosamba is divided into 2 groups which each group will pass different line. The participants will be transported by truck to starting point.   The participants will pass dusty and rocky road. Arriving at starting point, the participants will be divided into 4 groups. Each group consists of 5 until 6 persons. After all equipment such as life vest, helmet and paddle are complete, the rafting starts at  Sampean Baru river.  After –and-a- half hour adventure, the participants arrive at finish point and come back to Bosamba by the same truck. 


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