Citepus Beach

Pelabuhan Ratu is the capital of  Sukabumi regency . It is located on the oast of the Indian Ocean. Pelabuhan Ratu has become one of favorite tourism destinations in West Java. The city has a number of attractions that are divided into three categories, namely natural tourism, sports tourism and religious tourism. However, most travelers come to enjoy the Pelabuhan Ratu natural attractions, especially the beautiful beaches. This time, we invite you to have a close look at the beauty of Citepus beach. The beach is located at Citepus village, Pelabuhan Ratu subdistrict.

Citepus Beach can be reached approximately 3 kilometers from the city center. The journey from Jakarta takes about 7 to 8 hours by using land transportation. Citepus Beach location is quite strategic because it lies on the edge of the highway. To get into this tourism area, visitors just pay Rp 30,000 for car parking ticket. Arriving on its shores, visitors will be amazed with the natural beauty of Citepus. Citepus Beach is about 3 to 5 kilometers long . A bed of sand is quite spacious, with a sloping shape of surface . The water is clear with quite big waves . In addition to a dazzling panorama, Citepus Beach has a pretty good level of cleanliness . There are no garbages scattered on the beach or sinking away by the waves . There are many interesting activities on the beach . You can swim or playing on the water as much . You can also relax on the soft sand . For those who like fishing, in other parts of the beach, there is a special spot for fishing . In the evening, you can see the beauty of the . Moreover, because of beautiful panorama of the sunset, the beach has become one of the destinations of couples who want to do  honeymoon . Citepus Beach is equipped with various facilities . There are lodging, public toilets, restaurants and souvenir peddlers . Lodging in Citepus is located around the beach . With only  Rp 200,000 per night, you can stay comfortably . For dining, there are available Lesehan concept or restaurant concepts with a seafood menu offerings . Interestingly, the restaurants have a direct view to the beach . The Cite[pus beach  also has been equipped by Musholla, garden and jogging track . With the jogging track, you can also run around the Citepus beach exercise while enjoying its beauty . 



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