Curug Citambur

Indonesian Wonder Friday, January 5, 2017

West Java Province has lots of potential of natural tourisms as one of them is in Cianjur region . The tourism site is already quite famous with beautiful scenery . The name of this place is Citambur Waterfall .

Curug Citambur tourism area is located in the southern part of Cianjur, precisely in Karang Jaya village, Pagelaran subdistricts, Cianjur, West Java province . The trail can be reached by four-wheel and two wheels vehicles . If departing from Bandung you will take directions from Ciwidey to Kawah Putih . Then towards the The Sinumbra plantation to arrive at Karang Jaya village . The entrance gate of Citambur waterfall is in front of the Head village office .

Curug Citambur has a beautiful natural scenery . The Waterfall surrounded by trees and greenery . Now, these attractions are already quite popular and famous . Nevertheless, the naturalness is still maintained . Travelers who want to see the natural beauty in Curug Citambur, are recommended to come during the rainy season because the landscape and view looks more beautiful . This was caused by the discharge of water flowing from the height of about 100 meters will be more increase and profusely . In addition, the vines that covered cliffs and grasses around the waterfall will be green and lush .
Curug Citambur is equipped with various facilities for the tourists . It is a form to increase the attractiveness of Curug Citambur . Some of the existing facilities such as parking lots, restrooms, a prayer room, and stalls selling food and drinks are available in this area . To be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this Citambur waterfall, the tourists are required to pay for admission, Rp 3000 per person . The admission price is used for the management and maintenance of the facilities in this tourism spot .

That was Indonesian Wonder for today with the topic “Curug Citambur” . We will meet again tomorrow with other interesting topics . Sampai jumpa .


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