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Tikus island is located at the West of Bengkulu city with the distance around 10 kilometers from the center of the city. Tikus island is small atoll which is rich of biodiversity. Besides, the island is one of destinations of forest tour. On the island, we can find many amazing coral reefs and marine biota’s ecosystem. The condition of its sea has white sand and at night, this place becomes habitat of scale and green turtles which climb ashore to lay eggs.

Tikus island has fresh, clean and natural situation. If you visit this island, you feel as if this place is your private place.  On this island, there is also light house, because in the past, the island was used as the stopover of the ships. Beautiful white sand, stones as well as blue sea water which is calm and far from crowded will make you forget various problems for a while. Tikus island is really a perfect place for vacation, releasing tiredness and  admire the natural wealth of Indonesia.

The under-sea beauty of Tikus island  is also very teasing. You can snorkel while you are accompanied by beautiful and small fish under sea. The beauty of its coral reef will give unforgettable experience. You can also do fishing at the sidelines of the coral reefs. 

Camping on Tikus island can become interesting agenda. Thousand of stars on the sky will become beautiful view. In addition, the sound of waves and the natural atmosphere of the beach will be a friend of your sleep.

Tikus island can be accessed by using motorboat within around 40 minutes until 1 hour. Today, many travel bureaus offer some promos like under water documentation, snorkeling equipment etc. Prices’ set of Rp. 150,000 per person has included tour guide, beverage, food, under water photograph and snorkeling equipment.

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