Padaido comes from the local language which means beauty that can not be expressed. According to a study conducted by the Biodiversity Conservation Network, Padaido islands  have   the biggest biodiversity of coral ecosystems in the world. There are   95 species of coral and 155 species of fish such as various types of reef sharks and octopus as well as various other maritime wealth. Padaido islands are coral islands with 30 islands in the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the island of Biak.

Padaido also has a beautiful underwater park, said to be the most beautiful in the worl. No wonder many  divers from home and abroad as well as lovers of the underwater world visit this beautiful island Padaido.

Consisting of  30 small islands  Padaido  is located along the southeast side of the island of Biak, Papua. Formerly these islands were  named Schouter, derived from the name of the group leader of Dutch sailors who  first discovered the islands in 1602, William Schouter. Padaido Islands which  have extensive coral reefs around 1000 ha  according to some international divers is an area that has the most spectacular coral reefs in the world.

If you've been in Biak and want to visit the islands Padaido, you can go to Tiptop port in Biak and rent a speedboat to Padaido islands. The journey across the sea takes about 3 hours. On the way you can see traditional fishing boats and several dolphins appearing on the surface of the   deep blue water. It is advisable to  visit Padaido iskannds during the  tide. Due to the condition of sea water quickly receded, it can be dangerous because the many reefs can be  dangerous  to the ship or  boat.

In addition to  paying  attention to the tide, you also need to bring food enough because once you are in the water and spent quite a lot of energy, you will feel hungry and thirsty. Because to see the beauty that is under the sea, like a cave, you need diving to a depth of 12 meters. Besides  the cave, below you will also see some shipwreck, a  aircraft and also some other war equipment legacy of WWII. It's interesting. It is recommended if you are diving, preferably when the weather is hot, so that the reflection of sunlight can illuminate up to 15 meters in depth so that you no longer need to carry the lamp for lighting in the water.

If you have a plan to stay, you can stay near the islands. The  Inn is simple, but can be used as a comfortable resting place.

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