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Desa Wisata Sembungan

INDONESIAN WONDER Wednesday 11.01.2017

Despite the euphoria of the New Year holiday is over, it would not hurt to plan holidays in 2017. Sembungan village can become one of tour destinations which can be entered in holiday’s list of this year. Located at the height more than 2,100 meters above sea level, Sembungan village has typical characteristic in its geographic condition, natural scenery and life of population.

The population of the village has been accustomed to communicate with visitors. So, no wonder, if you will be welcomed by their hospitality and smile. Almost all Cebongan villagers are farmers. Various kinds of vegetables become the main commodity of the village. Besides farming sector, tourism sector also plays a major role in economic growth. Famous tourist attractions at Sembungan village are Sikunir hills and Cebong lake.

At the South of Sembungan village, there is a lake. Besides becoming interesting tourism object, the 5-hectare lake is also used by local people as lake water sources. Farmers rely on water at this lake for their farmland. Besides lake, there are also towering hills which in light mist and also fresh natural air. If you want to enjoy beautiful sunrise, please come to Sikunir hills. Spectacular view of the nature in the morning is called Sikunir Golden Sunrise.

Another interesting thing which can be found by you at Sembungan village is when the peak of dry season around July or August. If lucky, you will be presented uncommon view.  The green field at noon will become white when the first sunlight greets.

Sembungan village is at Kejajar sub-district, Wonosobo regency. It is located around 7 kilometers from the center of Dieng plateu; access road to Sembungan village has been asphalted. People say, at area of Dieng plateu, this village was occupied at the first time. People who came from Wonosobo lived at this village, and then spread to surrounding regions to form new villages.  

If you want to stay at night at this village, you can stay at lodging or local people’s house. Enjoying hospitality of local people and the beauty of natural view at Sembungan village can become unforgettable experience. That was Indonesian Wonder for today featuring Sembungan tourism village. Sampai jumpa!





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