Kolmbeng Bread

When you traveling to Yogyakarta, you can try to taste a variety of delicious culinary, especially typical cuilinary which has existed since long time . One of culinaries we recommend for you namely Roti Kolmbeng .The culinary is still survive until today because it tastes delicious and original . This traditional bread is used for offerings, but can now be enjoyed at any time . Roti Kolmbeng being produced by Beluran people, Sidomoyo, Godean, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta . the name Kolmbeng comes from the word "kolo emben" which means "past time" . Unbelievable, the bread has been known since around the Dutch colonial era . Roti Kolmbeng was firstly known as food offerings and many ordered when entering Sha'ban (the 8th month in the Islamic calendar) . However currently the bread has been sold freely, and can be enjoyed by anyone . Unlike its name which is difficult to be pronounced, the making process of Kolmbeng bread is quite simple, andrectangular shape . The bread is brown and studded withsliced nuts in the middle . Roti Kolmbeng is made of cassava flour, sugar and eggs without preservatives . Seeing from the production process it is somewhat complicated and requires a special technique that can not be done byanyone . The raw material is tapioca flour may not bechanged to produce white color, white sugar, and eggs . Initially, flour and sugar are mixed for approximately one half hour . The mixing is done manually without machine, after it was printed in a special pan made of aluminium .Then baked in Mandeng Gerabah . When it has been ripe, the aroma of Roti Kolmbeng so appetizing . The aroma and the softness of the bread has even tasted when the dough is still baked in gerabah stove . Roti Kolmbeng is quite delicious taste, especially when eaten with hot tea . The bread that has existed since ancient times, still survive in the market until now, especially in the traditional markets . The price is quite affordable . It is contained ten roti Kolmbeng per pack, which is sold at a price of five thousand rupiah . Not only rectangular, RotiKolmbeng is also made with circular and elongated shape . If you buy it, the Kolmbeng breadcould last several days, especially if it put in a refrigerator .

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