At the turn of the year 2016 to 2017, Bogor launches Uncal. Uncal is a mention for transportation which is used by tourists to go around Bogor city in every weekend.  Tour bus which is named with the name of deer, is actually an acronym of “ Unforgettable City Tour at Lovable City”.

Uncal is an icon of Bogor palace where at one of areas of the presidential palace, the Uncal can wander freely. Suitable with its name, this blue bus has head deer design on the side of the bus. The bus which can accommodate 25 persons, is completed with speaker to give information to the passengers. At earlier step, to ride the bus is free of charge. For tourists who want to ride Uncal, they must register and wait at departure point, namely at Botani Square. The uniqueness of the bus is klaxon which has Telolet tone. Telolet tone is now going global.

Uncal tour bus is not double-deck one because of considering of topography and weather of Bogor city which is frequent raining and lightning, and also many trees along the road. Uncal bus is made without wall so that passengers can see surrounding areas when the bus runs around Bogor city.  Besides, while taking picture around Bogor city, passengers also listen to the tour guide who explains histories of the roads at the area.  Bogor has fresh air; so visitors will feel comfortable.

If you are in Bogor, please try to ride Uncal tour bus. While enjoying the beauty of Bogor city, you can also get knowledge and history, especially history of the Dutch colonial. In the Dutch time, Bogor was well-known with the name Buitenzorg.  Uncal tour bus will operate on weekends. On Saturday, it operates twice and on Sunday 3 times a day.  

If you are tired to go around Bogor city by using Uncal tour bus, you can enjoy Bogor typical foods which are delicious. That was Indonesian Wonder for today featuring Uncal, a tour bus in Bogor, West Java.

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