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Krisan Gemah Ripah Tourism Village


Hello listener, it is nice to meet you again in “Indonesian Wonder,” a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts, fine arts and culture from various regions across Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will invite you to Central Java. Stay tuned.

Being around the flowers, it feels soothing and refreshing. Moreover, if you are tired and busy. We suggest you to spend your weekend at Krisan Gemah Ripah tourism village in Semarang, Central Java province. This place is chrysanthemum flowers’ plantation complex with various varieties. At least, there are 20 varieties which have been developed by farmer group of Gemah Ripah since 2015. On 12 hectare-land, you will be invited to go around at the plantation. Special area for visitors is on 6.5 hectare-land. There are 3 plantations which are prepared by management for visitors.

At every plantation which is provided by management, you can get information from the farmer group beginning from seeding, planting until harvesting. The tour guide will give information about the flowers’ varieties. The tourists can also take picture freely among the chrysanthemum flowers’ plantation.  If you want to bring the chrysanthemum flowers as souvenir, you can buy the flower directly from the plantation. The flower which is most liked by tourists, is yellow daisy chrysanthemum or archipelago flower. Visitors can buy the flower per stem or per bunch. One bunch consists of 10 stems which can be chosen suitable with your interest.

Krisan tourism village is located at Clapar hamlet, Duren village, Bandungan, Semarang regency, Central Java province. This agro-tour was officially opened for public on 6 November 2016. To go to this location is very easy. From Semarang, you go to intersection of Duren village or from Ambarawa. At the right of the road, there is sign board as direction. Along the road, you will feel fresh air and witness panorama of the plantation.

Of course, it is very pleasure to tour at the location which has Mt. Ungaran as background as well as beautiful green trees. Besides taking pictures, visitors can also add knowledge about cultivation of chrysanthemum flowers. The fresh air of Krisan Gemah Ripah tourism village makes you comfortable to stay longer. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Central Java and do not forget to stop at Krisan Gemah Ripah tourism village.

That was Indonesian Wonder for today featuring Krisan Gemah Ripah tourism village in Central Java province. Thank you for listening and Sampai jumpa!

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