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Kuda Gipang Banjar Dance

Two types of dance traditions of South Kalimantan, namely Topeng Banjar or Banjar Mask and  Kuda Gipang Banjar Dance” has been submitted to the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to serve as the National Cultural Heritage Objects 2017 . The two traditional dances have been proposed to the Director of Heritage and Cultural Values in the Ministry of Education and Culture . So far, there are 16 arts and culture of South Kalimantan, which won a certificate of the National Cultural Heritage Objects from a total of 997 pieces of South Kalimantan treasures . Today’s edition of Indonesian Wonder will introduce you to one of the traditional dancesof South Kalimantan which is proposed to be a cultural heritage, namely Kuda Gipang Banjar Dance . Kuda Gipang Banjar Dance is a typical dance ofBanjar people, one of the indigenous people in Kalimantan. The dance is rarely found, but is still preserved by the Padang Batung subdistrict community, Hulu Sungai Selatan regency, South Kalimantan . The dancers areusually organized by a large family . Kuda Gipang Banjar Dance usually held on the marriage ceremony of Banjar people, customs of religious events and rituals that are usually carried by several people . The dance is usually performed in conjunction with the bride time down to the aisle . Kuda Gipang dance tells the story of horsemen’svalor led by a gallant king, then the dance is usually danced with a very energetic, so that the audiences alsoexcited . This dance is similar to a Javanese traditionaldance  namely Kuda Lumping dance . But there are differences between both dances which can be seen from how to use the property, clothes and the accompanying music . properties for both dances are made to resemble a horse . However horseback of Kuda Gipang isnot taken in the curve, while for Kuda Lumping is deeper . It deals with how to use them . Kuda Lumping is played by ridden while, Kuda Gipang Banjar being simply, it justclamped in the armpits of the dancers . For accompanying music, Kuda Gipang Banjar dance is accompanied by Banjar gamelan music and for the dancers’ clothes is usually traditional garments used namely Kida-Kida .Moreover, the way to play the dance is also different . If the Kuda Lumping featuring elements of magic, but Kuda Gipang is performed naturally . 

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