“Bebegig Art”

Sukamantri is located at the foot of Mount Madati at an altitude of 1,059 to 1,200 meters above sea level and directly adjacent to the mountainous region of Majalengka in West Java . Especially, Sukamantri residents live in harmony with nature who still preserve their traditions and local art . One of them called Bebegig Art .

Bebegig is a bark mask which is formed like a creepy giant face . Her hair is made from ijuk kawung (part of a palm tree leaf) which decomposes to the bottom . These ijuks twist the legs and hands of people who wear Bebegig masks . The attribute just like a crown made of bubuay flowers (a type of cane), hahapaan leaves, and waregu which is neatly arranged on the head mask . On the back of Bebegig it is put kolotok wrapped around the waist . Kolotok is a sound instrument made of wood, usually hung on the neck of the buffalo to mark where the cattle is . Kolotok will continue sounding to follow the motion of Bebegig in accordance with  traditional musical accompaniment in the ritual show .

Babeqiq is a traditional art of Sukamantri subdistrict . The dancers perform following the accompaniment of music which concists of music angklung and dogdog, typical percussion instruments of West Java . The show is usually held to enliven the Independence Day, circumcision, welcoming guests, and other special events . The art is often contested .

For Sukamantri people, Bebegig is a sign of victory . Perhaps, the Bebegig was inspired to the face expression of King Sampulur, the king who won in fighting against crime and ask for ruling Java island as the reward . Later, people remembering his victory in the form of his mask-like face . So that we can see the Bebegig in every residents home in Sukamantri . In addition, they also assumed Babeqiq has its own philosophical values such as tangkal kawung from palm tree . All part of the tree are useful, ranging from its fiber, leaves, and fruit, until its bamboostick . Not a single part of the tree is useless . That is, the life of Sukamantri cummunity which should be useful for the state and nation . While bamboostick of waregu leaves is usually used for a fishing, meaning Sukamantri community must be flexible wise and resolute . Bubuay  flower, besides fragrant it is also strongly bound in the cluster, meaning people must unity, together in order to become stronger . Until now, the philosophy is still run by Sukamantri people, especially in social activities .

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