The tourism destinations of Yogyakarta have been well-known among tourists for a long time. The beauty of nature, art and culture of the local people as well as traditional foods, make Yogyakarta a tourism destination that will probably never die. In 2016, there was a kind of beverage from Yogyakarta which became a trending topic online. Since that time, many tourists have come to the city to taste the beverage. The beverage is Klotok coffee. There are many ways to brew coffee. Each different brew technique will certainly will produce different taste. Klotok coffee which is brewed a unique way and Klotok coffee is thicker than usual coffee and has a stronger aroma. 

To make Klotok coffee does require special or fancy brewing gadgets. The coffee which is used, is robusta or Arabica blends. But to in order to produce the special taste of Klotak coffee, coffee beans must ripen on the tree. Coffee beans must not be picked, the coffee itself should be allowed to fall to the ground. Consequently, the coffee beans’ color changes to black. To make a cup of coffee, coffee powder is cooked without water in a pan. After the aroma is wafted, the coffee is poured into water and boiled. The coffee powder in the pan will produce a strong aroma. 

There are two things behind the name of Klotok coffee. First, the name comes from the cooking process. Coffee powder which is sticky on the pan, will  be peeled off when drenched with water. Secondly, the name klotok comes from name of the village where the coffee was first popularized. If you are curious and want to taste Klotok coffee, go to Jalan Kaliurang, Pakem sub-district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta.

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