North  Maluku has amazing nature, namely Dodola island, which is located in Morotai, North Maluku. Dodola island is unoccupied, but the beauty of this island will make you admired. Dodola island is worth being called ‘heaven’. This island consists of two islands, namely  big Dodola and small Dodola island. The two islands will be connected when the sea is low tide and forms sand road, so that like a hidden bridge.  Because of beautiful place, local government calls this island as pearl at Pacific beach.

Dodola island is located at the West of Morotai island. If you want to go to this island, you can depart from Tobelo to Daruba by using speedboat and the rip is continued to Dodola island. The trip takes around 20 minutes. If you are in Ternate, to go to this island, there are 3 routes and alternative transportation which can be used. For the first route, you can use Cessna plane with the route  Ternate-Morotai and departure time is every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It takes around 45 minutes. Then, it is continued by using speedboat from Morotai city to Dodola island. The second route is that you can use ship from Ahmad Yani seaport in Ternate, with departure time every Friday and Wednesday night. It takes  8-9 hours and then it is continued to Dodola island. And for the third choice is by using ferry from Ternate to Sofifi on Halmahera island. It takes around 2 hours to Tobelo city. Then, the trip is continued to Morotai island and takes around 2 hours. But the last route is quite exhausting.

If you walk from big Dodola island to small Dodola island, it takes around 15 minutes. The beauty of the two islands is the same. Its sand of the beach is so white and as smooth as powder. Surely, you can stay longer to enjoy sun-bathing at the beach. The view of the sea which is green, clear and bluish, will increase your admiration. Dodola island also has 13 spots for diving with amazing under-water view.   This area is also called heaven for divers. Besides diving sport, you can also enjoy snorkeling, swimming or fishing at the sea. The beauty of coral reef with various kinds of fish also makes this place more beautiful. At this place, you can also enjoy various heritage of the World II, such as wreckage of allies and war jeep, and also statue of Douglas MC Arthur who led landing of allies’ forces in Morotai when World War II.

Not only that, sensation of sunrise on Dodola island is very teasing.   The beauty of reflection  of orange sunrise light on the water surface becomes unforgettable view. Most of tourists who come to this island prefer to stay at night by setting a tent and sleep on the white sand beach while making a bonfire.  If you want to stay at night on this island, we suggest you to bring mosquito repellent lotion because on this island there are many small mosquitoes called  “Agas“ by local people. If you do not want to stay at tent, the local government has provided cottage with cheap price. Every weekend, the local government also provides jet ski to be rented.

If you want to come to Dodola island, there is no charge. If you are seafood lovers, Morotai is a heaven of seafood.

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