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Ketam Isi, Belitung Typical Food

The beauty of Belitung island is well-known to visitors. Besides nature, this island is also home to popular types of food. No wondermany tourists visit this island to taste Belitung food. One of the sought after dishes is Ketam Isi.Ketam in the Belitung language means  crab. Belitung is an island off the east coast of Sumatra. The geographical location allows for an abundance of seafood. Ketam Isi is made from crab. in addition to crab meat, Ketam Isi is made from eggs, coconut milk, lemon, cornstarchand traditional seasoning. The seasoning includesonion, garlic, coriander, ginger, black pepper and salt. To make ketam isi, first boil the crab. After that, remove the meat and make sure not to damage the shell. Then, blend the seasoning, the meat, and eggs together. After this has been mixed well, add coconut milk and cornstarch. After that, delicately put the mixture into the shell for steaming. Then, the crab is fried. Cooking ketam isi is quite difficult, but on Belitung island, there are many food stalls, which sell ketam isi for cheap. the idea to make ketam isi first came about a long time ago when there were many crabs on the island that could not be sold anywhere. At first, the meat of the crabs was used as a side dish in people’s homes. After realizing how delicious the meat was, the meat was given seasonings and cooked. After that, ketam isibegan to be sold at food stalls. This became a good business. In one day, a producer of ketam isi can make more than 200 portions. This Ketamisi will be sold to Jakarta, Bandung and even exported to foreign countries, such as SaudiArabia. 

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