Rejang dance


Rejang dance is holly offering dance to welcome the arrival of the Gods who come from heaven and down to earth. This dance is an expression of gratitude and respect to the God because the God wants to go down to the earth.

Rejang dance is specially performed at traditional or religious ceremony of Hindu people. Besides as one of cultural heritages, this dance is also believed to have important values, especially spiritual meaning, so that it is believed as holly dance and held with a sense of devotion.

Generally, Rejang dance’s movement is very simple because this dance more focuses in spiritual value. The movement of the dance is usually dominated with Ngembat and Ngelikas movement or right and left movement which is held while moving forward slowly. Every movement of the dance is held with tempo which tends to be slow and also suitable with music; so that it feels solemn and harmonious.

Rejang dance is danced by a number of women in a group. Generally, the dancers are not professional dancers, so that this dance can be danced by everybody who has been purified before dancing. However, in performance of the dance, there are usually some guides called Pamaret. Pamaret is a person who has experience to dance Rejang. Usually, Pamaret is in front row in order the junior dancers can follow their movements. In Rejang dance performance is usually accompanied by Balinese Gamelan and also songs called Kidung.  

Rejang dance’s custom which is worn, is Balinese traditional cloth which is dominated by yellow and white color. The clothes consist of long white cloth which is worn from bottom until waist of the dancer.  At above, the dancer uses long cloth like shawl which covers white cloth of the top body of the dancer. While at the head, the dancer uses crown which is made from ornaments of flowers.

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