Welcome back to our program Indonesian Wonder. Today, we will invite you to visit West Kalimantan province to enjoy beautiful blue lake. So, please stay tuned with us in RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia. Besides, through shortwave, you can also listen to our broadcast throughwww.vo.co.id.

West Kalimantan province’s capital city, Singkawang, besides being famous as the City of a Thousand Temples, has also an interesting appeal through the resort, such as Blue Lake. The location of the Blue Lake is approximately 6 kilometers from Singkawang city. If you use a bike or car, you only take about 30 minutes to arrive to the Blue Lake. During the holidays, many tourists come to the Blue Lake to relax with family and also to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

This blue lake is unique. The blue color looks contrast in the center of grassland and scrub which are in dry nature with white sand. From the banks of the Blue Lake towards southeast, you can enjoy a long row of green mountains. These mountains as natural fortress share border between Singkawang and Bengkayang district.

That’s more unique; blue color which is in contrast in the middle of grassland and scrub in the middle of the dry nature with white sand. From the Blue Lake, you can also see the natural landscape, the sky and the blue water, lush meadows, shady and neat palm gardens and sand dune and rocks formed by rainwater.

This blue lake was actually an illegal gold mining a few years ago. Now, this place is no longer used for mining activity because it had turned into a lake with blue water. So in other words, actually all of this is formed due to the impact of the destruction of nature that produces a beautiful view.

In another lake, usually the visitors can swim. But, at this blue lake, the visitors are not allowed to swim. Because like the description, the lake was once used to dig for gold mine so that it is estimated to still contain a lot of chemicals. But in this Blue lake, with a background of beautiful scenery, you can take a photo with family pre-wedding photo, and you can also enjoy a stunning sunset.

That was today’s edition with blue lake topic that’s located in Singkawang city, West Kalimantan province. If you are now in West Kalimantan, please spend your time to visit and to enjoy this beautiful blue lake. Tomorrow, we will meet again with another interesting topic. See you!

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