Trenggalek regency is located in East Java province. Its central government is located at Trenggalek sub-district which has distance180 kilometers from Surabaya, the capital city of East Java. Trenggalek has special scenery because it is surrounded by mountains which are connected one another. 

Besides having interesting tourism objects, Trenggalek regency also has many typical foods. One of them is Gegok-rice,which is usually mentioned Sego Gegok by the local people.

Gegok rice has its own characteristic. This rice is spicy which is completed with anchovy.  Trenggalek people believe that Gegok rice can treat nasal congestion due to colds and besides, it is also able to eliminate dizziness.  Gegok-rice is daily food of Trenggalek people, especially at Bendungan sub-district.

To taste the original Gegok rice, you have to go to Bendungan. From Trenggalek city to Bendungan, it takes around 15 minutes by car. Along the trip, you will feel mountainous fresh air.  One portion of the Gegok-rice is not quite big. So, you are able to eat two until three portions. The stall of Gegok-rice does not only sell Gegok rice, but also provides fried Tempe, quail eggs’ satay and many others. The appearance of the Gegok-rice is simple because it is only wrapped by banana leaf and has typical aroma.

In one portion of the Gegok-rice, there is white rice, side dish and also condiment of anchovy and slices of fried Tempe.  To make Gegok-rice is quite easy. The rice, which has been wrapped with banana leaf and cooked a half cooked, is given anchovy condiment and then steamed for 15 minutes.  To get spicy flavor, it’s better to use cayenne. To enjoy a portion of Gegok-rice, you only pay Rp. 5000.  For side dish, you have to pay extra. The Gegok-rice is more delicious , if you eat the rice with hot drink at the stall.

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