Gedad Waterfall

Gunung Kidul is one of regencies in Yogyakarta . The landscape of Gunung Kidul  consists of highlands and mountainous, which is dominantly by karst mountain areaor limestone that stretches up to the southern part of Javaisland, and is divided into three topographical regions .The South Zone in Gunung Kidul is dominated by limestone hill with 300 meters high above sea level . In thezone you can find some of famous beaches in Gunung Kidul . While on the Central Zone, you can find aninteresting waterfall and a number of cultural tourism objects . And the last, the North Zone which is located at an altitude of between 200 to 700 meters above sea level. In the zone, you can find some beautiful caves . Traveling to the Middle Zone of Gunung Kidul you will find a variety of beautiful  waterfall . One of them is“Gedad Waterfall” . The waterfall  is located in the Gedad Hamlet, Banyusuco village, Playen subdistrict . It is calledGedad waterfall, because the waterfall is located in Gedad Hamlet . Some call it Banyusoco waterfall or Playen Waterfall which is also based on the location of the waterfall . From the city center, it is located approximately 50 kilometers with the distance about 2 hours drive . To enjoy the natural charm of Gedad Waterfall, you have to buy a ticket of Rp 5,000, include for parking fee . The vehicles that you take, mush be parked near the localhouses then you have to walk about 50 meters to the waterfall . The small limestone street becomes the track that must be taken when walking . Towering shade trees,become the typical landscape of the area on the way to the waterfall . On the sides of the road, you also see the traders who sell a variety of food and beverages . When arriving at the location, you will see a small waterfall . After continue to walk up to the location behind the limestone cliffs, after passing the down road on the left of the smallwaterfall, you will find the Gedad Waterfall site . On the tourism site you will be treated to a captivated panoramic view of the waterfall . The water is clear and clean which flows from the limestone hills . Gedad Waterfall has its own uniqueness,although it  is only 10 to 15 meters high . The walls are wide, and staircase steps, so the water down as it comesout from the walls . The natural enchantment is appropriate for a  background of your photographs . Wooden and bamboo bridges and the towering coconut trees, addingthe exotic values to the location of the waterfall . On the top of Gedad waterfall you also can see a boarding schoolfrom Kiyai Dardak heritage, the village elder . In addition to take pictures, you can enjoy the freshness of the waterfall . That was Indonesian Wonder for today with the topic “Gedad Waterfall in Yogyakarta . 

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