Senyum Hill, Batam

Batam is a city on Kepulauan Riau province. Besides, the city is called as industrial and trade city, Batam is also mentioned as tourism city because the city has many tourism destinations.  At the city, there are many beautiful beaches such as Nongsa, Melur, Sekilak and many others. Besides the beach, Batam also has natural scenery. In today’s edition, we will introduce you to  Senyum hill.

Senyum hill is located at Uncang bay, Batu Aji, Batam city, Kepulauan Riau province. The tourism spot is quite easy to be accessed because the spot is at surrounding city and offers beautiful scenery. From the hill, you can see Singapore, the traffic jam, pass over and over again of ship from Singapore to Batam or vice versa. Because of its location which is on the highland, you can also enjoy the beauty of scenery during sunrise and sunset.

To enjoy the scenery on Senyum hill, this can be held at noon or night. The beauty of sparkling of Batam city which is lit by city’s lights from the highland and plus shining stars also decorate the beauty of the city.  Besides, the scenery to Singapore is also beautiful, starting from lights on the buildings and the passing airplanes at Changi airport can be seen clearly from the hill.  

The scenery on Senyum hill will be seen more amazingly when New Year celebration. Most of Batam people will gather on Senyum hill to see the beauty of fireworks which are burnt by Singapore’s people. Around the hill, you can easily find various kinds of restaurants, but there is no lodging. So, you are necessary to find lodging which is quite far from the spot.

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