Nasi Aron

VOI/Indonesian Wonder/Friday/March 31, 2017

Mount Bromo is one of vulcanic mountain in East Java. It has 2,329 meters high above sea level  and located among four regencies namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang. As an active vulcanic mountain, Bromo becomes one of wellknown tourism destination places in East Java and always visited by domestic and foreign tourists. The tourists who come to Mount Bromo certainly want to enjoy the beauty scenary of Bromo. Not only enjoying the natural scenary, the tourists certainly can also taste one of typical culinaries of Bromo namely Nasi Aron or Aron Rice.

Nasi Aron is a unique culinary of Tengger society  who inhabitt the slopes of Mount Bromo. Not as the name implies, Nasi Aron is not made of rice, instead of white corn planted on the slopes of Mount Bromo. Although it seems similar to the white rice, there are many differences between Nasi Aron and white rice. The Nasi Aron Tengger make anyone who eat, feel full longer. In addition, Nasi Aron even can last, up to a week, and it is getting more tasteful

It is not easy to make Nasi Aron, but needs long enough time, about four days to change the white corn becomes Nasi Aron. To make Nasi Aron, firstly, is  a process to seperate corn kernels from the cob or the local called dipipil and pounded then soaked for 4 days. The process will continue by drying process. It also needs long enough time, because the slope of Mt Bromo has cool air. Once the corn dry, then it is pounded and strained to become maize powder. The powder is then boiled for 30 minutes, after that the dough is watered with hot water then cooked. Nasi Aron can be designed into various forms. The Tengger community prefer to make Nasi Aron formed like clench.

Usually, Nasi Aron is served with many side dishes such as tofu, mixed potato and tofu, tempe, vegetable and fish. Besides delicious and specific taste, people like Nasi Aron because its savor. The delicious Nasi Aron and bitter Ranti vegetable is able to lowering cholesterol and treating diabetes. Besides, mixture of Nasi Aron and spicy condiment can hold hungry until a few hours.  You can  find Nasi Aron easily  in the food stalls along the road to the tourism site of Mount Bromo . The price is also affordable which only Rp10,000 per portion .

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