As an island nation, marine tourism object of course spread in various regions inIndonesia. One of them is in Gunungsitoli city, Nias island, North Sumatera province. Gunungsitoli is the oldest and largest city in the Nias Islands. Beautiful beach panorama, traditional Nias house, and historical relics of megalith stones scattered in every district to be a special attraction for tourists. In addition, the city also offers beautiful beaches. There are nine beaches that have been visited by many tourists, namely the Nusa Lima beach, Malaga, Marina, Simanaere, Laowamaru, Bunda, Muara Indah, Carlita, and Hoya. This time, we take you to see the beauty of Hoya beach. Hoya Beach is located in the District of North Gunungsitoli. It is located in Gunungsitoli City or 15 Km north of downtown. Mileage from the capital city of Gunungsitoli about 25 minutes by using two-wheeled vehicles or four. To get to this place, from Medan can be by sea route with travel time 8 to 9 hours by route Sibolga - Gunungsitoli. Daily ferries serve this route. Pelni ship periodically serves Tanjung Priok - Padang - Gunungsitoli route. In addition to land and sea can also use air transportation from Medan to Kuala Namu Airport - Binaka (Gunungsitoli). The flight is served by Garuda Indonesiaand Wings Air. Hoya Beach has a coastline approximately 1,500 meters long and along the coast lined hundreds of beautiful pine trees. You can sit under the pine tree to relax and take shelter from the sun.  In addition, Hoya Beach also has a clear watery waters, so it can see up to the bottom of the sea as deep as 8 meters. The underwater world of Hoya beach is very beautiful with colorful coral reefs. You can swim and play on the soft sand. in addition to swimming and seeing the beauty under the Hoya beach sea.You can also enjoy the beauty of the rising sun.  Come, in the early morning, so that the beautiful moment is not missed. To be more satisfying to the visitors, the attractions of Hoya Beach is equipped with cottage facilities or stalls serving a variety of seafood (seafood) are tempting. Unfortunately, for those of you who want to spend the night, you can not spend the night at Hoya beach. You can stay at lodging in Gunungsitoli city. 


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