Lampung is one of provinces on Sumatra island which most of its population are fishermen and gardeners. Although Lampung is rich on cultural tour, it has also natural tourism spot. In today’s edition, we will introduce you to Sukadanaham Golden Peak in Lampung. The location of the peak is at Sukadanaham village, West Tanjung Karang sub-district, Bandar Lampung regency. Sukadanaham Golden Peak is a new tourism object in Bandar Lampung which presents natural tour and cafe concept.  Here, there are many interesting facilities which are offered such as cafe outdoor, tree house, love’s bridge, gazebo and also park. The location of the peak has beautiful scenery which makes your eyes fresh, calming the mind, heart and soul. It takes around one and a half hour by car from Bandar Lampung and makes the peak always crowded to be visited by local and foreign tourists. The best time to visit Sukadanaham Golden Peak is at night. At night, visitors can see beautiful scenery of Bandar Lampung city which is llike a sea of fireflies and the sky which is decorated by stars. You can also enjoy three sceneries at once, namely town, mountain and sea.  Its location is very beautiful, comfortable and fresh. At the golden peak of Sukadanaham, there are gazebos and tree house to see scenery while relaxing. To enter Sukadanaham Golden Peak, the entrance ticket is Rp. 20,000. This ticket is included parking vehicles.  If you visit Lampung, please do not forget to taste sweet  durians which are sold as long as the trip. If you are in Lampung, please set Sukadanaham Golden Peak as your first destination.

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