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Glosor Noodle, Bogor typical food

Bogor is well-known with various tourism destinations.  Besides tourism, Bogor is also known with various typical foods which arouse appetite. One of Bogor typical foods which becomes favorite in holy month of Ramadan is Glosor noodle. Endure hunger and thirst all day make us want to eat food and fresh drinks when breaking. Glosor noodle is one of delicious foods. So, culinary lovers will be addicted with the food. Bogor typical food is enjoyed by people because the food is different from noodle in general. Glosor noodle has soft texture and its seasoning becomes absorbed perfectly. Moreover, the noodle is splashed with hot peanut seasoning which makes more delicious. Glosor noodle has raw material from cassava flour which is mixed with turmeric. It is  hunted by not only culinary lovers but also local people who love to consume Bogor typical food during Ramadan. This culinary is very special, beginning from texture, strong spices until savory sago crackers, all mixed together. usually, the raw material for Glosor noodle is sold  in the form of plastic packaging and ready to be cooked at home.However, if you do not want to be bothered to cook by yourself, there are some markets and stalls in Bogor which sell Glosor noodle which is ready to be eaten. Those stalls are opened starting from 3 p.m until 7 p.m.

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