There is a culinary that you must try once you arrive in West Sumatera, namely Kampiun Porridge or Champion Porridge. This richly flavored dish is guaranteed to inspire your taste. The Champion Porridge is made up of a mixture of some kinds of porridge that combine to produce a soft and sweet flavor. The Champion Porridge consists of a mixture of steamed white rice, white or marrow porridge, black sticky rice porridge, banana or sweet potato compote, green beans or rice beans and Candil porridge. All of the porridge is then floured in coconut milk and given a liquid brown sugar on it.

In its home region, West Sumatra, Kampiun Porridge is usually called bubur kampiun. According to the story, the origin of the porridge name is quite unique. Around the 1960s, after the war of the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia in 1958-1961, indigenous leaders held various events to remove trauma of citizens, such as kite competitions, football competitions, pecal competition, and porridge creation contest.

One of the participants of the porridge creation contest was an old lady who sold a variety of porridge every day. Because she was late, the old lady was unable to make porridge for the porridge creation contest. Then, she just composed the remaining porridge she sold on the plate. At the end of the event, the jury announced that the old lady's porridge was the winner or the champion. When she was asked what the name of her creation porridge was, the old lady spontaneously named it with bubua kampiun. Since then, the mixed porridge has become famous and besides being a breakfast, the Champion Porridge is also a culinary iftar which is looked for.

In some areas, the Kampiun Porridge has mixed variations, such as white sticky lupis as a substitute of sticky rice or pomegranate porridge as a substitute for candil porridge. The wholesalers of Champion Porridge usually cook various mixture of Champion Porridge since early morning. All ingredients are cooked at the same time in different pots. Therefore, to make a complete Champion Porridge, there are at least 6 types of cooked ingredients.

Preparing and cooking Kampiun Porridge need special skills. This is to get the results as we expect. Because we must arrange starting from the process of cooking water, cutting the ingredients, squeezing the coconut milk until stirring the porridge. The price of a bowl of Champion Porridge ranges from Rp.9000 to Rp. 12,000.

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