Sarikayo Culinary

In this month of Ramadan, a variety of breaking the fast menus are present and many are sold in various places. Usually, every region in Indonesia has a typical breaking the fast menu. For example, the area of Padang and Palembang has Sarikayo. People outside of Sumatra used to call this snack with Srikaya cake. Although the name resembles the name of the fruit, it turns out the process of making it to taste completely the srikaya fruit. The texture is soft with the dominant color of green. Sarikayo is a traditional food that uses natural dyes, suji leaves or pandanus to produce green color. It is not too difficult to make Sarikayo cake. The basic ingredients are coconut milk, eggs, sugar and suji leaves or pandan leaves for natural green dyes. To make it, we initially have to cook coconut milk, then put water suji leaf. After that, beat eggs and sugar water are inserted in a pan containing coconut milk. Once there is no blob and well mixed, the dough is drained while poured into small containers before steaming. Once cooked, Sarikayo can be eaten immediately. It feels soft and sweet. Sarikayo is usually eaten with sticky rice. But along with the passage of time, many people enjoy it with fresh bread. How to put sticky rice (Ketan) as a companion is that Sarikayo is also varied. In the past, Sarikayo was placed in a kind of small bowl. While sticky rice is shaped like a parallelogram. Now, to be more practical, Sarikayo and Ketan are "printed" together, so Srikaya is glazed or glutinous coat Srikaya. Initially Sarikayo culinary is made of Srikaya fruit; by the time passes by, Srikaya is processed with other ingredients such as sugar, coconut milk, and eggs so that the original fruit of Srikaya tastes delicious. The green color of Sarikayo symbolizes the prosperity of nature. In accordance with its name, "Sri-Kaya" means a rice goddess that brings prosperity. Formerly, this Srikaya was called food-in-law, because the first Sarikayo was put into the Rantang – a kind of container and then escorted to the place of in-laws. For the people of Palembang, Sarikayo has always been a complement in every custom procession. It is always present in "kambang" -a name for a series of dishes arranged in such a way on the custom procession of Palembang. Its presence is as important as the presence of tunjung (food or fruits decorate the middle of the dish) and tread (the name for the dish or snacks placed in the dish in full position). The delicacy of Srikaya can also be a kind of prestige for the owner of the intestines. Sarikayo is always served with glutinous rice that has been cooked. It is said that this glutinous rice symbolizes an eternity in one's relationship. The stickiness is often analogous to the kind of relationship expected to continue. This culinary is easy to find not only in the city of origin, but also in major cities inIndonesia, especially in this month of Ramadan. The sweet taste is appropriate as the fast-breaking menu. The price is also relatively cheap, about Rp. 10,000 to Rp.15,000 per container. That was Indonesian Wonder for today with the topic “Sarikayo Culinary”. 


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