In today’s edition, we will introduce you to typical food from Bali island. culinary tour becomes attraction which is difficult to be avoided by tourists without exception in the month of Ramadan like this time. Because there are certain typical foods which appear when Ramadan like Susu satay from Bali province. The halal food often becomes extra dish for breaking the fast. according to the name ‘Susu satay’, the raw material of the food is the nipple of cow. Meat of cow’s nipple is cut into  small pieces. Then, it is boiled and grilled with special seasoning. Its seasoning is different from satay in general which uses peanut and soy sauce. The seasoning of Susu satay is from rice flour which is mixed with coconut milk, herbs and spicesand made a little bit spicy. you can find Susu satay at Jawa village. Jawa village is mentioned for village surrounding Baiturrahmahmosque in Denpasar. It is named Jawa village because most people who live at the village are immigrants from Java island.  Almost the people of the village are Moslems. Baiturrahmahmosque is located on Jl. Ahmad Yani, Dauh Puri Kaja, Wonosari village, North Denpasar, Bali. Susu satay which has chewy texture and spicy flavor is very delicious in every bite. It can be proved from many culinary lovers from outside, who look for the food in the month of Ramadan. Its price is quite cheap, only Rp1,000 until Rp2,000 per piece. That was our segment -Indonesian Wonder for today. 

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