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Lampu Colok Tradition

The youths in every village in Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province are now busy working together to prepare Lampu Colok festival –light plug tradition. Almost every village in the sub-district begins to build Lampu Colok festival. Lampu Colok Festival every year is held by local Culture Tourism Youth and Sports Department to preserve the Lampu Colok tradition. This year, the opening of the Lampu Colok festival is centered in the New Straits of Bantan Sub-district. The local Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sport service will provide prizes worth millions of rupiah for the winners and also provide coaching assistance for the committees enrolling in the Lampu Colok festival.

Lampu Colok Tradition is held on the night of 27th Ramadan in the event of Takbirannight to welcome Idul Fitri day. In addition to becoming a tradition for people in Bengkalis Sub-district, this Lampu Colok festival is competed among villages and this event is supported by the Bengkalis local government  which serves as one of the cultures that must be preserved. Lampu  Colok is one of the lighting devices used in the past without electricity. This lamp uses kerosene fuel. These  Lampu Coloks are made from used tin cans and filled with kerosene and then arranged in the form of mosque domes and calligraphic ornaments.

Lampu Colok Tradition is originated from the desire of the community to provide lighting in the month of Ramadan, as well as an Islamic Syiar through lamps decoration with Islamic nuance. Making various forms of these Lampu Coloks usually takes a week before being turned on the night of 27 Ramadan or commonly known by the night of the seven Likur and the source of development cost is provided by local youths. The fund for fuel itself comes from people's contributions. The beauty of Lampu Colok decorated in the form of mosque domes and calligraphy is favored by local people outdoors and around the village. Along the way, a number of residents enjoy seeing the Lampu Coloks.

The Lamp Lights Festival lasts for five days until the evening of Idul Fitri. The committee will go around witnessing the beauty and creativity of each Lampu Colok participant. The winners are determined based on the beauty and harmony of mounting lights. Lampu Colok Festival is the tourism agenda of Bengkalis Sub-district. In addition to preserving the tradition that has been hereditary, this festival is also held to attract local and foreign tourists to Bengkalis.

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