For Moslem, waiting for the time to break the fast by looking for snack is pleasure activity. Usually, there is evening market which serves extra dish for breaking the fast. The suitable food for breaking the fast is sweet food. One of them is Clorot. 

Clorot is a traditional cake which is made from rice flour, coconut milk and palm sugar and wrapped with young coconut leaf. It is very unique. The cake which has brown color, sweet flavor and also chewy texture, will give typical taste. To make Clorot, palm sugar, salt, and pandanus leaf are mixed with coconut milk. Then, it is cooked while stirring well. After that, pour the mixture into container which contains of rice flour and then stir again. Then, pour the dough into wrap from young coconut leaf which has been formed cone. Then, the dough is steamed until  cooked.

Besides its typical flavor, Clorot wrap is also unique. Young coconut leaf is formed cone, circle and elongated, So at the middle, it can contain the dough. At the bottom of  the Corot wrap, it must be tight in order it does not leak when the dough is poured.  And at the top of the wrap, it is pinned by a stick in order not to be separated and crushed in its shape.

If you do not enjoy Clorot yet, maybe you will be confused to eat it because its wrap is unique. To eat Clorot, firstly you have to press the bottom of the wrap by using finger, after the content of Clorot comes out, so you can eat it.   You can buy Clorot at the food shops or traditional markets. Because its unique shape and typical taste make Clorot be on demand very much.

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