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Hyang Darungan Waterfall

Probolinggo is one of regencies in East Java province. The regency is surrounded by Tengger hills, Mt. Semeru and Mt. Argopuro. So, most of the destinations in the regency are mountains or rafting. One of the mountains, which is quite known until abroad, is Mt. Bromo. Besides, this regency has natural tour, namely Hyang Darungan waterfalls. 

Hyang Darungan waterfalls is located at Bremi village, Krucil sub-district, Probolinggo regency, East Java province. From the center of Probolinggo city to Bremi tourism area, visitors must take  a trip around 1 hour. If the visitors use public transportation from Probolinggo city, they can use bus to Pajarakan. After arriving at Pajarakan, the trip is continued by using city’s transportation to Bremi.

After taking the trip around 2 kilometers from entrance locket of Bremi tour, your fatigue will  disappear after seeing the beauty of Hyang Darungan waterfalls. At the location of the tour, there are 2 waterfalls which are at above and under location. The two of the waterfalls have fresh and cool water. The waterfall which is at under location, is 15 meters height and has wide expanse of rock.While, to go to waterfall which is at above location, visitors take around 500 meters height from waterfall at under location. This waterfall is around 20 meters height with wide expanse of rock under it.


To enter the Bremi tourism site, visitors must pay a ticket Rp. 3,000 and parking fee for personal vehicle Rp. 3,000. At the tourism object, visitors can take a bath, swim and also set a tent. But, please do not forget to bring your own camping equipment.

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