Jangan Leroban

Travelling to beautiful places in Indonesia will be less complete if you do not taste the typical culinary of that place. For example, if you visit Banyuwangi, East Java, you must taste the typical culinary of Using community -the local people of Banyuwangi, such as sego tempong, rujak soto, and pecel pitik. And there is one more delicious typical culinary, namely Jangan Leroban. This culinary is quite rare because the process is quite difficult and it needs patience.

The process of Jangan Leroban is usually made together  with the making of pure coconut oil from coconut milk or the Using people call it "Kelentik oil”. The pure coconut milk will be heated until the oil comes out. Then, the oil and the dregs are removed and filtered. The water from the filter results will be the main ingredient of Jangan Leroban. For the vegetables, you can use any vegetables, but the Using people more often use the heart of banana that still is young or called Otong, fern, and Singkil leaves.

To cook Jangan Leroban, there are no specific spices to use in this food. You can only add crushed galangal pieces, lemongrass stalks, whole chili peppers, sugar and salt into the residual water of Kelentik oil. We don’t need shallots or garlic, but the Singkil leaves cannot be forgotten. The Singkil leaves are the flavor of Jangan Leroban. The function is like the bay leaves; the shape looks like betel leaves but the leaves are limper and they grow wild in Banyuwangi.  After all the spices are complete, all vegetables are cut and put into the water from the remaining coconut oil making. Then, it is cooked until the vegetables are cooked.

When it is cooked, the gravy is white and not too thick because it does not use coconut milk.The savory taste of coconut is still very dominant. This culinary will be more delicious if served with warm rice and Pepes sea fish as the side dish, tofu, and tempe. Unfortunately, now the local people rarely make Jangan Leroban because people prefer to use coconut oil from the market instead of making their own at home. But if you are lucky, you can enjoy Jangan Leroban and Sambal Blotong at Using people’s house in Banyuwangi. One of them is located on Licin Village, District of Licin, Regency of Banyuwangi.

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